Italia, 2017

cutcake1344_sm.jpg - 5Kb Liz’s photos
at St Martino church and at the reception:
Charlie Bacon + Federica Fuda : September 2
6bacons_sm.jpg - 8Kb Jim’s photos
Now the Bacons are six
— including some photos by Nick Hill, like this panorama of the Arno: panorama1_sm.jpg - 19Kb
terrace1281_sm.jpg - 6Kb v+david_sm.jpg - 7Kb A few days in Florence –>
<– and (by Liz) in Fiesole, where Clarks and Nagels pleasantly Airbnb'd: a 20-minute bus ride steeply up from Florence. (Never realized that Italy is foothills everywhere.)

And here is a brief selection of all the above

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