Anne Shells

(5 September 1917 – 3 October 2003)
cherub and dandelion

All her long life, Anne wrote bits and scraps of verse and prose,
sometimes profound, sometimes whimsical
(as would befit the wife of Canon Shells!).
Over the past dozen years she set herself to sort through them all
and either publish them or perish them.

The result was seven booklets of poetry and eleven of prose, and
one full-length paperback book (and a few more still unpublished).
They are illustrated with doodles by herself,
calligraphy by Nancy Hammond and Mary Dando and
sketches by friends including Lindsay Oliver, Philippa Holbeche,
Barbara House, Merlene Moore and Sarah Newman.

The poetry booklets

• Keep or Tear Up?
• Looking Through
• Share them Again — a collection of work previously published elsewhere
• Some More
• In the Green
• Almost the Last Box
• Being 80+


• The Children’s Flats — a brief history of the Bermondsey
Children’s Flats, 1946–53

These are available from Abbey Press, 32A Norbins Road,
Glastonbury, BA6 9JG ( at three for £5
including P&P.

The prose booklets

• Instead of Flowers
   ISBN 1 900720 00 0   £3.50   (AS-IF)
• Instead of a Get-Well Card
   ISBN 1 900720 01 9   £3.00   (AS-IGW)
• Instead of a Birthday Card—for an old friend
ISBN 1 900720 02 7   £3.00   (AS-IBC)
• Instead of a Wreath: this can’t be the end
   ISBN 1 900720 03 5   £3.50   (AS-IW)
• Instead of Bridwatching: thoughts for a stay-at-home twitcher
   ISBN 1 900720 04 3   £3.50   (AS-IBW)
• Instead of a Christmas Card
   ISBN 1 900720 09 4   £3.00   (AS-ICC)
• Instead of an Easter Egg
   ISBN 1 900720 05 1   £3.00   (AS-IEE)
• Instead of Piffle Thoughts: try prayer
   ISBN 1 900720 11 6   £3.50   (AS-IPT)
• Consider the Dandelion: instead of gardening
   ISBN 1 900720 07 8   £3.00   (AS-CD)
• Consider the Lily
   ISBN 1 900720 06 X   £3.00   (AS-CL)
• Julian Everfriend: friendship with a mystic—thoughts with
Julian of Norwich

   ISBN 1 900720 08 6   £3.50   (AS-JUL)
• large (A5) card with poem Squashed Grape in calligraphy
      £1.20   (SG)

These are available from Cloisters, Hetton Hall, Chatton,
Northumberland, NE66 5SD; phone 01289 38 8235; email
(please quote the order code,
e.g. AS-CL)

The paperback book

• Dust Glorified

This is available from Shoreline Books, Bristol. (Address to be
updated — meanwhile please contact Abbey Press as above.)

Manuscripts as yet unpublished

Whether any of these manuscripts will appear in print or on the
web will depend, in part, on encouragement from you, the
potential reader. So please send an email to declare your

with Nancy Hammond at Cloisters:

• Sancta Anna — about St Anne, the grandmother of Jesus
• If Only ...
• I Am You — reflections rather in the style of St Julian
• Instead of Walking the Dog
• material on St Margaret of Scotland, including a play by Anne

with Abbey Press:

Never Forget Horatia — While living in the rectory at Trunch,
Norfolk, Anne discovered that the lovechild of Admiral Nelson
had lived there some 150 years earlier. A unique relationship
developed between Anne and Horatia, both of them the wife of
the country parson.